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The events of the European Circuit for 2019, as always, aim to focus on issues of interest to those engaged in cross border litigation of all types. The underlying theme is that the cross border element gives rise to a raft of issues which are common across a range of practice areas. Comparative law, where relevant, is also included.  So for example a German approach to using mediation in public law cases will inform our debates in Belfast and Italian commercial law principles will enlighten us in Rome.

The reality of practice today as an advocate is that none of us can afford to ignore developments outside our national system as potential influences for the future direction of the law. And Brexit, by incorporating EU law into English law but maintaining a role for CJEU decisions, will not reduce but will enhance the need to be aware of such developments.

Join us at these events and, if so inspired, help us to create future events!

Hugh Mercer QC/Avocat, Leader of the European Circuit


MARCH 14th 2019


“Mediation: Extrajudicial solutions for cross-border disputes”

Stormont is not talking, yet the Mediation Directive exhorts Member States to encourage mediation, particularly to preserve amicable and sustainable relationships between parties in dispute. It emphasises that these benefits become even more pronounced in situations displaying cross-border elements. Who is missing a trick? What sort of issues arise in a cross border mediation? At this event, experienced mediators give their take on how to make mediation work.

Mediation in public law cases: John Larkin QC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland (Chair); Friedrich-Joachim Mehmel, Administrative Judge, President of the Hamburg Higher Administrative and Constitutional Courts; Sir Paul Girvan PC, Lord Justice of Appeal of the Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland (retired).

Cross-border Mediation: Hugh Mercer QC, Chair of the Brexit Working Group of the Bar and the CCBE European Lawyers’ Committee (Chair); Brian Fee QC, Bar of Northern Ireland and member of the Bar of Ireland; John Sturrock QC, Distinguished Fellow, International Academy of Mediators; Colm Ó hOisín SC, the Bar of Ireland.

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MAY 23rd 2019


Brexit and Litigation: Nuts and Bolts

Whatever happens with Brexit, a knowledge of EU law and legal principles will be increasingly relevant for practice and not only in cross border litigation but for many areas of domestic practice. Presuming Brexit goes ahead, the entire European Acquis will crystallise and become part of our domestic law on Brexit day, subject to the executive unpicking bits considered to be ‘deficient’ through use of Henry VIII powers, which will be susceptible to judicial review. And even if Brexit is somehow postponed or stopped, there is an ever greater need to understand the relevance and interplay of EU law. This seminar takes a look at some elements of EU law as it influences domestic and cross-border litigation and how the same is likely still to influence both in the light of Brexit.

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This year the European Circuit hosts its Annual Conference in Rome on the 12th and 13th of September, with first class expert panels and hot topics for discussion to look forward to. The first day of the conference will be devoted to comparative law and procedure, with a particular focus on Italy, the UK and Ireland. Day 2 will include stimulating discussions on various themes, such as English-speaking commercial courts in civil law countries post-Brexit and the future influence of common law within the EU after the British withdrawal. As per usual, the programme will offer a drinks reception as well as the Circuit’s annual dinner. Join us in beautiful Rome this autumn for a rewarding and entertaining annual conference!

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